Caregiving Support Network

The TUCW Caregiving Support Network

Our network is in full swing. Should you or someone you know need a meal, a pick-up at the pharmacy, or perhaps even a regular check-in phone call, please contact one of our coordinators, Mary Jane Cross or Beth Cliff, by emailing or contacting them directly.

From Rev. John’s message of March 12, 2020:

Online Caring Network. At times like these, when we are asked to stay physically apart from each other, it can be difficult – and yet very important – to stay connected with one another, and be supported whenever and however we can. This is especially true for those of us who are in high risk groups, who must be quarantined, or who live by themselves or in isolated places.

Accordingly, we are launching the TUCW Caregiving Support Network that is enabled by a technical platform called Lotsa Helping Hands, that many churches use. This will be our system to make sure all our congregants are getting the care and help they need, for example: grocery shopping, pharmacy pick-ups, rides, meals delivered, personal phone calls to chat and catch up. This will enable us to appropriately respond to all of our people evenly. Beth Cliff is coordinating this for now; she welcomes a few others to help her lead this effort; contact her at if you’re interested. More importantly, to sign up to be part of this ongoing network of helpers – not as a leader, but as an active participant - please click HERE.”