Lay Leader Recognitions

Leading Lights of TUCW

Each month of the church year, the Leadership Development Team recognizes a congregant who has made significant contributions to the church in recent times. Rev. John celebrates them and their work during a Sunday service, outlining their work and why it is of such importance to us. A write-up is included in SOUNDINGS, and the recipient is given a plaque and a dedicated and convenient parking space for the month.  These leaders of ours fill our church and and community with light and energy, and are role models for all of us.

February 2021 Gian Morresi
January 2021 Shari Brennan
December 2020 Catherine Onyemelukwe
November 2020 Shanonda Nelson
October 2020 Ken Vogel
September 2020 Did Not Do
June 2020 Steve Grathwohl
May 2020 Monica Garrison
April 2020 Tom Hearne
March 2020 Mary-Jane Cross
February 2020 Janet Luongo
January 2020 Sharon Poole Bittenbender
December 2019 Joann Coviello
November 2019 John Turmelle
October 2019 Cathy McElroy
September 2019 Elena Rockman-Blake
May 2019 Marion Wertheim
April 2019 Mary Money
March 2019 Julyen Norman
February 2019 Anita Pfluger
January 2019 Cecelia McElroy
December 2018 Chris Place
November 2018 Lyn Kobsa
September 2018 Jim Cooper
May 2018 Kristen Leddy
April 2018 Marie-Claire Bue
March 2018 Tom Croarkin
February 2018 Linda Hudson
January 2018 Jim Francek


The Very Fine Life Time Volunteer Award:

Criteria (Annual Meeting Feb 2004 Minutes): “This award is to be given to outstanding volunteer(s) at an Annual Meeting as appropriate. This award intends to recognize the consistent, outstanding, and otherwise unacknowledged volunteer contribution made to the pastoral, administrative, congregational and/or financial life and health of this community. It is recommended that in recognition of their loyal service over many years that Roy and Ruth Fine be the first recipients of this award, created in their honor and through their example.”

Fiscal Year Recipient
2020 Kristen Leddy
2019 Kathy Roberts
2018 Charles Colletti
2017 Charles & Jenny Klein
2016 Hazen & Carol Goddard
2015 Don Snook
2014 Neil Coleman
2013 Elaine McMillan
2012 Jim Keenan
2011 Carol Porter
2010 Carl Serbell
2009 Linda Hudson
2008 Ken Lanouette
2007 Joe & Marion Wertheim
2006 Hal & Barbara Thormahlen
2005 Carolyn & Bob Lavender
2004 Jim Perry
2003 Roy & Ruth Fine