The Gender Equity Team

Gender Equity at The Unitarian Church in Westport is our commitment to  Sexual Justice issues.

Our vision is to be a Welcoming Congregation and make TUCW a place of healing and platform for women who have been sexually abused  and LGBTQ+ population claiming their voices and their agency from those who have hurt them.

Ours is a statement of conscience, an expression of our faith and values. It is our congregational movement to go beyond protest and rightfully engage our congregation and community in advocacy and liberation.

Our mission is one of Healing, Education and Advocacy.


At TUCW we support healing for survivors of sexual harassment, abuse and/or assault. We provide:

Pastoral support for women, girls and the LGBTQ population who have been injured

Sacred Circles gatherings for survivors with the guidance of trained professionals

Information about programs and services for the support of survivors


At TUCW we provide education to our congregants addressing issues of sexual harassment, abuse and violence

Conduct “Walking on Eggshells” sexual harassment program for the congregation

Conduct “Our Whole Lives classes” especially for 8th graders and Adults


At TUCW we advocate on #MeToo and LGBTQ+ issues within the congregation by providing:

Clarity on TUCW’s position on these issues

Public statement on TUCW’s position on these issues

Prophetic preaching on these issues

Publicity about these issues especially in TUCW’s website and publications

Advocacy beyond the congregation by Identifying and supporting legislative activities in support of #MeToo and LGBTQ+ population

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