Children: K – 3rd Grades


Experiential and Engaging Activities based on Monthly Themes

At this time of pandemic, we are holding our children's programming on ZOOM each Sunday, 10-10:45 AM. Each is supervised by two adults.

Contact Nate Pawelek for ZOOM links. All are welcome.

Each Sunday we explore the ideas and concepts from Soul Matters, a church-wide curriculum with stories, poetry, music, and experiential activities based on monthly themes. The idea is that adults and children will learn about the same themes together. This provides a unique opportunity for parents and caregivers to have something in common to talk about and practice during the week with their children.

Monthly Themes for 2020-2021

September: Renewal

October: Deep Listening

November: Healing

December: Stillness

January: Imagination

February: Beloved Community

March: Commitment

April: Becoming

May: Story

June: Play