Our Music Program

thompson emberling 80 Rev. Ed Thompson 
Minister of Music
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Music has always been a high priority in our congregation and is an essential part of the Sunday worship service. Under the leadership of the Reverend Dr. Edward Thompson,  Minister of Music, the Unitarian Church in Westport offers a program of music that is  drawn from various times, places and cultures.  On a Sunday morning one might hear a South African freedom song, a Gregorian chant, a Mozart sonata, acoustic folk, a Bach aria or 20th century jazz. We believe that such diversity is enriching, challenging, and nurturing to our spiritual growth. Far from being entertaining, music is a means of touching deep levels within an individual that words alone cannot reach.

The heart of our music program consists of seven choirs which range in ability from professionally trained singers to beginners.  Besides the five adult and two youth choirs, guest artists occasionally are invited to provide an added dimension to our worship services.

An equally important goal of the program is to foster the musical growth of individuals through choirs, classes and other performance opportunities.  When appropriate, the Minister of Music invites special guest artists, teachers and facilitators to offer workshops and/or classes. There is room for everyone in the music program at a level appropriate to the talent, time and interest of the individual.