The Racial Justice Council

The Racial Justice Council was reinvigorated in the fall of 2020, following the work of numerous predecessor teams and committees over many years. We continue to be committed to the work of anti-racism in our church and greater community.

Our work is a mix of awareness building, education, and action, at the personal, church, community and national levels.

This year 2020-2021 we are devoted to three major initiatives:

  1. Launching and building a Council that oversees, directs and works on various discrete projects.
  2. Encouraging people to take the IDI Inventory to help them understand their own intercultural competence.
  3. Calling for a Congregational Resolution on #BLM and anti-racism work.

We continue our awareness building and focused efforts, including a #BLM movie group that meets 2x a month, participation in various interfaith anti-racism seminars and discussion groups, and in various cultural and educational experiences hosted at the church and elsewhere.

Our TUCWomen's group has dedicated focused energy this year on the #BLM cause. Please go HERE for more about their work.

We maintain a list of useful resources for reference that is updated periodically. Please refer to it HERE:

For many years, a small, intimate group of the congregation have met regularly to examine and discuss their own personal journeys in cultural competence and anti-racism. To find out more contact David Vita.