Soul Matters Sharing Circles

Soul Matters Sharing Circles are small groups of TUCW friends and members coming together in friendship, for spiritual growth, connection and reflection. Members meet once a month for two hours and explore the UUA spiritual theme of the month.

Explains UU Minister and Soul Matters developer the Rev. Scott Taylor: “Realizing we are in the soul’s backyard. Grasping the rope

that leads us back home. This ultimately, is why one joins a Soul Matters small group. Yes, you will encounter meaningful discussions and a stimulating exchange of ideas. Yes, you will discover new friends. But in the end, this is about recovering wholeness and the journey back home.”

And Rev. John goes on to explain: "These facilitated monthly meetings go beyond sharing what we think, and take us into hearing more deeply from those we have yet to know. The circle meetings include using other spiritual practices beyond discussion to open us up into new ways of hearing the Spirit.

"I invite you to join us as new circles will be forming throughout this church year. Please contact me or Linda Lubin to sign up and to find out when the next Starting Point, the required first step in these circles, will be scheduled. They typically run every 2 or 3 months so there should be one starting soon."

Contact:  Yvaqn Yhova or Eri. Wbua.