Stewardship Committee

Year Round Stewardship

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The Committee’s  mission is to create a sense of ownership and mutual responsibility, and foster a culture of caring and generosity, in the Unitarian Church of Westport community.

Charge from the Board of Trustees

The charge to the Committee from the Board of Trustees is to:

  1. Direct and oversee all aspects of stewardship, including communication and education about stewardship to help members grow into a deeper understanding of the meaning of their commitment.
  2. Direct and oversee the annual giving or pledge drive (aka the “canvass”), planned giving and fundraising when appropriate and necessary.

Activities of the Committee

The Committee plans communications, community events, and aspects of worship that celebrate our community and deepen members’ connection and commitment.

The Committee works toward changing the culture of the church from talking about members’ financial support only during an annual canvass, to discussing and celebrating it in a more holistic way year-round and connecting it to all aspects of the church’s activities and mission.

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